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DON’T CRACK THE WHIP Ladies and gentlemen, lend me your ears! Let me tell you a story that will shock you, horrify you, and inspire you to take a stand against the cruelty of horseracing. (pause) I remember when I was eleven years old, watching my very first horse race. Standing beside the track, I gawked in awe at the huge, gleaming horses being led onto the track, ready to start the race. Of course, I stood {had to stand} right at the front of the track, clutching on to the rail and leaning over to see the horses prancing in anticipation. “And they’re off!” The announcer gabbled on as the horses sped around the track, each one fighting for the lead. A roar went up from the crowd (pause) but not from me. I watched in horror as the horses were whipped again, again and again as they ran down the home stretch and crossed the finish line. Number 7 had won. But I was still standing beside the track, weeping as I stood; vowing never to support such a cruel sport. The “Sport of Kings” as horseracing is so often called, is continually glorified in Australian society. Horseracing was practically a part of Australian society even before the first settlers arrived. The Poms and their “majestic,” “victorious” horseraces invaded Australia and ingrained in our minds the idea that horseracing is “fun for all ages” blinding us…show more content…
However, this will have a drastic impact on Australian economy and is not the desired solution for the whole of Australia. But, there are other ways in which we can take a stand against the cruelty of horse racing. Donating to agencies like CPR is a good way to show your support. They are currently working on banning the use of the whip in racing and also undertaking various campaigns against jumps racing and knackeries. Ideally we don’t want any knackeries in Australia – it’s not impossible but there is still a demand for horse meat for human consumption and pet food

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