Spring Bear Hunt Rhetorical Essay

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Melissa Sheryl A. Malano English 1127 Instructor: Davis, J. Argumentative Rhetorical Essay “There are no such thing as nuisance bears, but rather nuisance people”; a quote from Skye Lantinga’s argumentative essay titled, “Spring Bear Hunt”. The essay centers on the effects of Ontario’s government’s decision to ban spring bear hunts. Lantinga states that though numerous organizations and outfitters, who rely on the hunt for financial income, are opposed to the ban, the decision is nevertheless ecological and economical. However, “Spring Bear Hunt” is an ineffective argumentative essay due to its unorganization in structure, unconvincing methods of handling the opposition and underdeveloped ideas supporting the argument. The first reason as to why the essay is ineffective is due to its unorganized structure. The conclusions within the essay does not relate to the original topic sentences. For example, the introductory paragraph contains the reason and the effects of the ban. Yet, the conclusion, states, “the reality is that the decision was ecological and economically sound(39)”. The conclusion does not identify with the introductory paragraph. Therefore, readers are not aware of the real purpose of the essay until the conclusion. The conclusion itself should remind readers of the initial argument, not let them now what the argument is about. Another example is found within the second paragraph. Her topic sentence is: “many outfitters will lose revenue from the cancellation of the spring bear hunt.” Yet, her conclusion is: “Groups opposing the spring bear hunt cancellation have also claimed that it infringes on the recreational rights of hunters, and that it has caused in increase in the number of nuisance bears.(38)” The concluding sentence starts a new topic itself and it digresses from the original topic sentence. The essay’s unorganized structure is
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