Spca Rescue The Animals Commercial Analysis

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Running head: ANALYZING AN ADVERTISEMENT Module 2 Lab 2 James Crouch ITT Technical Institute EN1320 Module 2 Lab 2 Instructor: Lincoln Schreiber 7/5/15 The commercial I chose for this assignment is the SPCA Rescue the Animals commercial. The commercial shows the horrors that pets are subjected to by careless owners or just their day to day struggles to survive. The commercial shows actual footage of animals in cages that have not been fed or severely beaten and neglected. These images are heart breaking and disturbing. The commercial is designed to attract its target audience which is animal lovers. This commercial uses logos, ethos and pathos to persuade. Ethos is used by hiring a celebrity Sarah McLachlan to get the message across showing them holding and loving a pet. This allows the target audience to see someone that they may respect and have seen before. There is also a sad song playing in the background. Logos is used by…show more content…
During halftime of Super Bowl XLVI, automaker Chrysler aired a commercial featuring actor/director Clint Eastwood. The commercial, titled "Halftime in America," used Eastwood's gravelly voice and numerous patriotic images to associate the can-do spirit of America with Chrysler's new line of cars. Eastwood's history of playing tough-minded roles allowed the audience to tie his image to that of the American auto industry in general and to Chrysler in particular. Of the three techniques the one that will most likely persuade me is pathos. Since I am an emotional person at times this will probably persuade me to buying a product or contributing to a cause. References Hanks, G. (2015). Examples of Ethos in Advertising | Chron.com. Retrieved from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/examples-ethos-advertising-66233.html Sarah McLachlan SPCA Commercial [Video file]. (2008, November 6). Retrieved from

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