Animal Cruelty Essay

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Animal Cruelty. Animal cruelty occurs in many countries throughout the world. It can occur to animals such as horses, dogs, cats, bears and others. Hitting, mistreating, not feeding animals is cruelty. Also, when a pet needs medical attention, and the owner does not bring it to a vet, it also is animal cruelty. Throughout different countries, wild animals are caught, like bears in China. Bears are caught, and have a sharp hook fished through their noses into their mouths and have a chain attached to it for a lead. They are taught cruel tricks and walked along roadside. Animal testing is also a form of cruelty, where they use a variety of animals, like dogs, mice, rats, rabbits, chimpanzees and ferrets for testing cosmetics. Rabbits are strapped down while people drop a bit of what they are testing into their eyes, and the rabbit is not allowed to rub it’s eyes with its’paws. The rabbit has to last through the pain, and can become blind. In China, bear bile farms hold thousands of bears in tiny cages, from cub to adult bear. The small cages do not allow them to move freely, stand up or lie down, only to sit there. This cage prevents them from lashing out at the person getting their bile. Also, their teeth and claws are removed, so they are unable to attack from the cage anyway. Twice a day, someone comes around to extract the bile from the bear. A jagged metal tube is placed in the bear, causing discomfort and pain. The bile is used for cosmetics, shampoo and wine. After the bile is dried up, the bear is rejected, and left to die.1 Japanese cross the seas, to find whales, shooting them, and dragging them to the shore. Whale meat is very uncommon and very expensive. The bone of the whale is ground up to use for fertiliser. Everyone used to eat whale meat, but now it is rarely expierienced. Whaling is also

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