Persuasive Speech: Animal Cruelty Laws

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Title: Animal Cruelty Laws Purpose: To persuade everyone to think every state should have only felony animal cruelty laws. Thesis: I believe that every state should have only felony animal cruelty laws. I. Introduction: A. This past July, a 16 week old black lab puppy was tortured and left for dead in a diaper box at a gas station. A man stopped to put air in his tire and saw the box and heard a whimper. He opened the box and to his horror found the puppy with PVC glue in his eyes, nose, ears and throat. His back legs had multiple fractures. The man took the puppy to the vet where he had to be put down due to his injuries B. Cruelty to animals is a horrific topic. I don't see how people can torture poor defenseless animals and feel…show more content…
Animals do not have many rights, but one right they somewhat have is not to be abused or neglected. There are laws governing this. Even felony animal cruelty laws, but often this issue is overlooked. Why this issue is overlooked, no one will ever know. III. Problems and improvements to felony laws: A. The problem with felony animal cruelty laws is this you have to be able to show intent. Apparently, in most cases judges and lawyers can't show intent. Well, when you have a battered animal and you can't show intent, there is something wrong with the justice system. B. You may be asking yourself why do we need felony animal cruelty laws if we already got some now? Th answer is simple, they need to be stricter with harsher punishments and rehabilitation. Putting someone in jail for a few months and thats it does nothing. So that is where these stricter felony laws come into play! C. Think about it, to most of us our animals are part of the family. If a family member was abused or neglected then you would get a pretty hefty sentence imposed. Why not for animals? They have feelings just like we do. All animals want is love! All animals offer is their undying love! When they are abused they are probably asking themselves what they did wrong and why are they being treated this

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