Is Animal Testing Necessary?

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Is Animal Testing Necessary? Do we see birds as an animal flying around in the sky or as a lifeless creature to be tested on? Do we see mice as being cute, class pets or the next control in an experiment? People today should be more aware of how animal testing may one day kill off a number of groups of animals, and can eventually harm the human race. People have yet to realize that their favorite type of deodorant or those good-smelling fragrances they like to put on were once tested on animals. These animals are forced to swallow or inhale large quantities of a test substance or endure the pain of having chemicals applied to their sensitive eyes and skin (Peta). Many times the results of animal tests are often not applicable to humans, but even if a product has blinded an animal, it can still be marketed to you. Many testing centers keep such animals out of their natural surroundings, until time to experiment on them. Throughout that time these animals become so unadapt to their new surroundings, they become less likely to return to their natural state which gives those experimenting more reason to test them. Most of these senseless experiments are funding by the federal government using the public’s tax dollars and by health charities, which are wasting precious dollars on irrelevant experiments on animals instead of spending the money on promising human-based research (Peta). Norfleet 2 A few companies have banned the use of animal testing, but often the companies that continue to test animals produce inaccurate or misleading results. These results are giving the okay to more and more products being sold to you. Why continue to test animals that may give inaccurate results on products that can still be sold to the human race? Now there are groups who say that there is no alternative to animal testing, and that animals have saved many human lives, but if the

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