Animal Experimentation Essay

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Animal Experimentation: Animal testing is Cruel and Unethical Animal Experimentation: Animal testing is Cruel and Unethical Causing pain and suffering to animals is a very cruel, inhumane, and unethical. Although animal experimentation is an inhumane and an unethical act, professionals believe this act can helps find cures for illnesses and disease in humans. Overtime scientists have discovered similarities in animals and humans. Therefore animals are now enduring pain and suffering in order to find comfort and cures for humans’. Tests are administered in cruel and brutal ways just for the possibility of a cure. Millions of animals are put through laboratories as if they were an object year after year. Because animal experimentation is cruel, unethical, and an inhumane act, we should strive to find an alternative to animal experimentation and testing. Animals In today’s world are enduring much pain and suffering. We are all too busy in our day to day lives to realize the brutality that goes on towards animals behind closed doors. Animals are enduring pain and suffering to provide comfort for us humans’. Like the cosmetics we put on to refine our looks, or the cologne we put on to smell pleasant, or even the medicine we drink to feel better when we are sick. These are all things that are fist tested on animals prior to being available to us. The big problem here is we are all too busy to realize that we are not only committing cruel acts upon animals, but we are condoning these acts. In order to put cosmetics on the shelves to sell companies and manufacturers must first test the products on helpless animals to see if it irritates the eyes or skin. Medication, household cleaning products, and most things we apply onto ourselves, or ingested into our bodies. These are also all tested on animals to check for skin irritation and toxic levels. For the comfort of
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