Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Animals in Zoos Essay

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Why Animals Should Not Live in Captivity Animals sometime live under the care of humans rather than living in the wild. We call this living in captivity. These animals don’t have a choice in where they want to live because of humans invading there land taking them into captivity, such as zoos and animal parks. These animals are forced into living their lives as hostages in cages locked away. Although some may argue that animals should not be held in captivity. I believe that animals should live in captivity because of harm from humans, to humans, and bad living conditions. There are many reasons why humans should not keep animals in captivity. Animal parks such as Sea World and Busch Gardens are forcing animals like Killer Wales into breeding over and over. “Orcas should not be forced to endure a lifetime of captivity, and it is irresponsible for Sea World to breed more animals to lead such a life”. Elliott Katz, president of IDA says that “This would be like raising a human child in a bath tub for his entire life”. This is not a fair way for these animals to live their lives. These animals are given hormones through their food because they are not able to get proper nutrition or have a regular diet from hunting for their own food, so these parks put hormones in their food when they feed them. Another thing that these poor animals are forced to endure is to perform for hours a day “circus style shows” which they have been trained to do. According to the research done here, you would see that these Wales can’t live a regular life as other Wales in the wild, but forced into performing for people almost everyday of their lives. There are many other reasons why animals should not be held to live their lives in captivity. Some animals such as tiger and rare species of birds are forced to live their lives in small cages. These tigers are not able to hunt as they

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