Dogs Punished for Bad Owners

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Punishing Dogs For Bad Owners Breed Ban Legislation are laws that outlaw, or put limits on ownership of specific breeds of dogs. This legislation ranges from outright bans on the ownership of these dogs to restrictions and conditions on ownership, and often establishes a legal presumption that these dogs are considered legally "dangerous" or "vicious."This means any family’s dog can be seized and destroyed solely based on its breed. The Pit Bull is the major target of Breed Ban Legislation. These laws along with the media fail to realize that the owner is responsible for the behavior of their pets. These laws are unjust because an animal cannot be blamed for its behavior, and blame should be placed on the owner of the animal. A whole breed of a dog is widely afraid of due to a few bad owners. Rather than having breed specific laws, perhaps there needs to be more consumer education and legal responsibility from the owners (Collier, 17). Dog breed banning is wrong and would not be necessary if people that were planning on owning dogs were more educated on the proper ways to care for a dog and the proper ways to train a dog The pit bull really started to get a bad reputation starting in the 1980’s. A 1987 issue of Sports Illustrated featuring a vicious looking Pit Bull on the cover upset many people. People saw this vicious looking dog, and it ensued a panic about the breed as a whole, and started a bashing of the pit bull breed. At the same time dog fighting was coming to be more known about. This was when dog fighting became more mainstream, and less of an underground industry and this is when the pit bull really started to get a bad name. People began to think of pit bulls when they thought of poverty, and poor neighborhoods. Dog fighting tended to occur in bad neighborhoods, and this created the association with poverty. The pit bull was no longer thought of
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