Forget Buying Puppies: Adopt Dogs

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Forget Buying Puppies: Adopt Dogs No one can resist the helpless eyes or wet black nose of a tiny puppy. Cute puppies, though, grow up. Many owners cannot handle the responsibility and abandon their pets on the street. People who want a dog should consider the option or adopting an adult one instead of purchasing a puppy. Bring a fully-grown dog home and you know exactly what you are getting. How big the dog is, how loud the dog is, how healthy the dog is, or even how active the dog is – prospective owners can find this all out at the shelter. An informed owner is a happy owner. Adopting will also help reduce the number of stray dogs on the street. Wild dogs can be troublesome and a danger to the general public. Animals wandering the roads are collected by the government and put into shelters temporarily. This is a good thing, since the animals found on the street are often suffering. They are starved and sick. But, when no one adopts them, they are put to sleep. Killing pets is not the answer; the dogs deserve to be placed in homes where they will be cared for. Some might argue that people have a right to buy puppies; however, puppies require a lot of work and attention. Adopting adult dogs from shelters instead of buying puppies from pet stores would keep our homes happier, keep our cities safe and beautiful, and, most importantly, reduce the suffering of unwanted pets. That is a win-win

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