Animals Welfare, Not Animal Right

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Animals welfare, not animal right Animals are used in many different scientific tests. It has remained to be a controversy in the past century. “Cruel” and “inhumane” are the two most common words to be used in describing animal testing. Animal activists question the necessity of it, claiming it to be an abuse to animal. They believe that animals should be granted the right against suffering at the hands of humans. I believe that it is wrong to think that animals have any rights. To protect animals from suffering by humans should be a matter of animal welfare, not right. According to Jussen, animal rights proposes that it is unacceptable to use animals for any human purpose at all, including the use of dogs and cats as pets, cows and pigs for food, or the use of animals in research and testing. Regardless of how humane, animal rights proponents reject all animal use as exploitation and aim to ban all use of animals by humans. (1) Animal right is an extreme view that attempts to elevate all animals to equality with humans by applying human interpretations of morality. It is based on the philosophical belief that animals have moral rights to life, liberty and other privileges that should be protected by society and the rule of law. In this way, a human infant will be having the same right to life as a mouse in the street or a cow in the pasture. In contrast, animal welfare takes the position that it is morally acceptable for humans to use non-human animals, provided that the testing minimizes animal use and suffering. The debate between those who support animal research and those who don’t is often portrayed in such a way that one group appears to care about animals while the other group doesn’t. This isn’t the case at all. Fundamentally, the issue is about how to reduce the total suffering for both humans and animals and it can be done by raising concern over
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