Argumentative Essay On Animals

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Animals are living creatures. They’re not a subjected for experiments. Using animals in scientific researches has been a topic of heated deliberation for decades. Certain humans are pro in this test while others area con. Individual have diverse feelings for animals. Sorrowfully animal lovers cannot fight for their side, yet they still combat to save animal lives. Animals used as their companions while others view that animals are for scientific survey course only. Several scientists only think how to making their test flourish without knowing that animal they use are being abused and maltreated. Not all tests are relevant to human health. Certain scientific experiments can cause human disorder instead of having a decent effect. Corequisite on animals for…show more content…
The quality of the experiments was necessitous. In this study, Roberts (2007) states that, The anatomic, metabolic, and cellular differences between animals and people make animals poor models for human beings. Drugs that pass in animal test are not successful in human clinical tests. Animals as their matter are not germane to human health. Several can cause human diseases that can damage us instead of helping us. Side effects cannot be detected in animals. Animals deliver data; nevertheless it’s the wrong data or different data. Humans need more precise, operative and safe results. According to the book of evolution by Charles Darwin, Humans came from monkeys; on the other hand certain test that applies to monkeys does not apply to humans. There are researches and develop alternatives that are more accurate to humans and can lessen the usage of animals in laboratory experiments. Helping animals to abscond from this excruciating cage can change the world. These alternatives, medically and within product testing are the way to a better future. This time we should let the animals out of the world’s
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