The Positives and Negatives of Becoming a Veterinarian

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There are so many reasons why becoming a verterinarian is the best job possible & The negative things about being a veterinarian. I'll list a few of the reasons why becoming a veterinarian would be the best thing you can possibly be & Probably be a negative thing to become The Postives. You help out injured animals out. You check up on the animals and keep them healthy and up to date with shots, medicine, etc. You get to work with cute animals almost everyday, who doesn't like seeing new born kittys & puppies? Your social role is important. You will be there to help the only companion of elderly people. You will be there to help a familly through the trauma of loosing their pets. There is great variety in the job: Medicine, surgery, radiology, laboratory work. All that on a variety of animal species including the odd exotic pet The Negatives. There are bad pet owners out there & you'll have to deal with that. You'll get clients that want to euthanize a perfectly healthy 1 year old dog because he barks too much or his/her spouse doesn't like You'll get people who want to euthanize a pet because they don't wanna pay for medicine Your love for animals might interfere with your career, if you have to perform surgery on an animal or euthanize them. The cost of education, Vet schools cost more than medical schools It's harder to get into Vet school Helping injured animals is great, You can save them from dying, You get a really cheerful mood knowing that you helped out someones loved pet, live-stock animals. Pet-owners will be so thankful that you helped their loved pet & that is a wonderful feeling. Just helping out animals in general is a great feeling, Checking up on them and caring for them is great, you're saving them from skin diseases, organ diseases or just a normal sick animal. Knowing you saved an animal's life is great. Pet owner's will

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