The Relationship Between Canines and Humans:

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Dogs affect people's behaviors. Canines are good for people's health and people who own a dog or many dogs are happier and more productive than people who don't own any. Dogs also affect people who are in depression; they make them much happier which brings them out of his depression. Dogs bring comfort to people by just simply being there. The memoir Marley and Me by John Grogan is about a dog that a young couple purchases and who brings excitement into their boring lives. The memoir illustrates that animals help people who are emotionally unstable. They provide love and comfort and are always there. Jenny, Grogan’s wife was destroyed when she had found out that she had a miscarriage and Marley helped her cheer up and feel better. Dogs are better companions than people because people feel bad for others when dogs just provide comfort and loyalty. They are amazing listeners as well because people aren't always listening when you need them to but canines will never interrupt you. Canines are so versatile, they also make excellent service dogs but their main role is as excellent companions who are in fact good for people. Forming a bond between a human and a canine is not easy. It is necessary for dog owners or handlers to show love and affection for the dog such as feeding it, walking it, playing with it until a bond forms. This bond forms only when the canine feels like an owner is there at all times for him/her. Factors contributing to the formation of the bonds between people and their pets include companionship, social support, and the need for attachment. Pets often became active members of a house hold, participating in diverse activities with the owner. (Beder) Just as people get attached to other people and to animals, animals also become attached to people because of the special moments that they have had together. A special bond can consist of simply

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