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Pit bulls were imported to America from England in the 1870’s primarily, but not exclusively, for pit fighting. Over the years dog fighting has become a huge issue in the united states and many individuals frown upon it nowadays; because Pit bulls were the number one dogs used for dog fighting, many people believe that this particular breed is the most dangerous of all breeds. In this proposal we are going to focus on the history/misconceptions of Pit bulls, and how we can lessen the fear in people and ourselves when it comes to this particular breed. From the very start Pit bulls never really had the chance to defend themselves. When brought up in the world they were taught to become baiting dogs. “When the Normans invaded England in 1066, they introduced a new sport called baiting. Interestingly enough, baiting originated with butchers who kept dogs (called Bullenbeissers) to handle unruly bulls as they were herded to the market for slaughter”.1 After being introduced to this, many towns created their own baiting rings and began to use the butchers method on not only bulls, but other animals as well for the entertainment of the towns people. Eventually and thankfully baiting was made illegal a few years later, but then sadly turned into pinning these dogs on each other. As the years went on positive changes started to arise for pit bulls. “They were becoming known for their strength, courage and loyalty. In fact, they were even used in wartime morale-building posters”. 2Pit bulls were also known as nanny dogs because of how well they got along with children and families. Even though these dogs had some pretty horrible times; they started to come up in the world and some people were realizing how great this breed really could be. In the opinion of many breeders, “pit bulls can be excellent companion dogs if they're properly trained and socialized with other dogs

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