Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

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Why Cats are better than dogs Had anyone ever owned a pet or had one before? If one did then they could know how special their pets are to them. People who never had a pet before judge them on their looks and types. Many people who don’t have a pet think that dogs are better than cats because they follow orders and are easy to train. In addition on television they always show that dogs are the only animal that can save people’s lives, but that not true. Cats could also save the lives of others. May 16 2008, four o’clock in the morning, Mona Brett’s house set on fire. She would have died from the smoke if her cat, Beau hasn’t warned her. Beau threw himself against her bedroom door over and over again trying to wake her up. Finally she woke up shocked, called 911 and took Beau to the balcony to wait for help. Another time Kimberley Mary was in her garden and she didn’t recognize that a poisonous snake came up to her. As soon as she saw the snake, it was in its striking pose. Luckily for her, her cat Sosa came and attacked the snake. Sosa suffered a bite, protecting her owner and was rushed to the vet. Who said that cats can’t save lives? Cats can save people just as dogs can. People say that, “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” That might be true, but dogs are not only the animal friend whose companionship people enjoy. Despite what dog lovers believe, cats are great house pets. People say, “Well, dogs can do stuff, like fetch and play tricks.” Does that mean that cats can’t? Cats can do tricks just as well as dogs can if the owners have the patient to train them. April 11th 2004, Loti Donald taught his cat to play dead, roll over and fetch. He also taught his cat to speak the word milk whenever he wanted some. See? Cats can do anything that dogs can, if one takes the time teaching them. Do you know why dogs chase cats? Because today, more people have cats then dogs

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