Contrast Cats vs Dogs

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English 68 24 March 2014 Contrast Paragraph Dogs Vs. Cats There are several similarities that cats and dogs share, but at the same time they are both still radically different in so many ways. Some aspects to consider when owning one of these animals include time management, size and behavior. These two animals are the most common domesticated pets in peoples homes today. A look into their similarities and difference can give a person good insight in which pet would be best for them. To begin with, cats come from the feline family. They are four legged furry creatures that have become domesticated into peoples homes. They require affection and care from their owner, and they can show love and affection back. One of the obvious difference is size. Cats are generally smaller in size, and they don't require as much space as compared to large dogs. That being said, their food and health care are usually less expensive. Furthermore, cats behavior and personality is typically more mellow and even tempered. However, they can be very sweet and affectionate when given proper care. Another aspect to consider is time management. Cats are solitary animals, which means they are usually fine being left alone. They can be left inside for a longer periods of time, considering the fact that they use litter boxes. Also, cats are less active so they don’t need as much cat sitting or exercise as compared to dogs. Overall, cats seem to be very well balanced and more flexible than dog. On the other hand, dogs are canines. They are also four legged furry creatures that has become domesticated over time. Similarly to cats, they require care and affection. In return they can give a considerable amount of love and affection back. Although dogs come in many different sizes, they seem to need more space than cats, especially larger dogs. Additionally, most dogs behavior and personality is
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