Claiming Sanity In The Black Cat

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Johnathan Gahagan March 18, 2013 Claiming Sanity (10) When claiming your sanity in the opening sentences of your new encounter with another person you just know there is going to be a mental illness along the lines or a distraction from reality of some sort. The man from “The Black Cat” had serious issues with a bunch of different things mainly with his drinking problem, mood swings, and his need for retaliation. He marries at a young age and introduces his wife to all of the pets he has. He has birds, goldfish, a dog, rabbits, and a monkey, but singles out a large and beautiful black cat, named Pluto, because it’s his favorite. He chooses cats over fellow men because they serve him a better friendship. He has uncontrollable rage when under the influence of alcoholic substances it makes him act out and mistreat not only the loving animals, but his wife. The narrator continues to find himself lashing out against everyone and everything killing everything except his dear Pluto. When he feels like Pluto has been avoiding him he vengefully grabs the…show more content…
After he hung his cat the cat has its own plans from cat heaven where his house got mysteriously burnt down. The man didn’t think twice about if it was retaliation from the cat. After many months of thinking about it he realizes he is haunted by Pluto and finds a new little kitty almost just like Pluto except he has a splash of white on him. One night he goes down stairs with his wife and he trips over the cat and jumps out in rage grabbing an axe trying to kill it and the wife defends the cat. He puts the axe right through her head! He has to now deal with her body where he creates a tomb and puts plaster over it when he buries her. His mood swings were so bad and changed so fast on him he put an axe through his wife’s

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