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Non-Profit Organization Northeast Animal Shelter Northeast Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization that will never harm or kill an animal. It has been a no-kill shelter since 1976. It depends on the donations from people in the community. The shelter is open seven days a week in Salem, Massachusetts. This makes it very easy for people to go into the shelter to choose the perfect animal for them. The shelter has recently moved into a new building not too far up the street from where they originally were. It is a much larger facility with a great deal more room for the workers and animals. The Northeast Animal Shelter has many programs which benefit many people and animals. One of these programs that they are most proud of is called Puppies across America. They began this program in 1994. Since so many of the dogs and cats that they receive from the Northeast are spayed and neutered, there are very few puppies that remain to be adopted. But many people come to the Northeast Animal Shelter come in hopes of adopting a puppy. So what the shelter has done is take puppies and kittens from all across America and Puerto Rico, where they were found abandoned…show more content…
Volunteer Foster Care people may be available to take care of a group of abandoned kittens or a sick puppy or dog. These animals need round the clock care in order to get well. These volunteers are very special to the shelter. Also, the shelter has a large amount of round the clock volunteers to take care of the daily needs of the animals waiting to be adopted. These volunteers make sure all the animals have food, water, toys, clean blankets and cages, and take them for walks. If there’s time, they even play with them in the playyard. The cats are watched by volunteers in the cat room. I was a volunteer there for a while during my work study in high

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