Multiple Perspectives on Homeless Pet Ownership

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Multiple Perspectives on Homeless Pet Ownership Charles Barton March 14, 2013 English 221 Cohort Seven Sanford-Brown College It’s a cold December night and you are wrapped warmly in your blanket. Curled up on your feet, and keeping them warm is your faithful dog. Now consider how different this picture would be if you were living on the street and your faithful dog was the only warmth you had. There are some that believe that homeless people should not be allowed this luxury. Then there are some who believe that pet ownership should be available to everyone regardless of housing status and income level. We will look at arguments for and against homeless people owning pets, as well as my own personal thoughts on the subject. I will introduce you to the thoughts of Stephen Watson and Kevin Graman and their perspectives on this issue beginning with an article from The Buffalo News. In the article “Keeping companions fed; Pets of the Homeless tries to respond to the reality of pet ownership by people who live on the streets,” Stephen Watson gives us a look into the lives of street people and their companion animals. Enter Buddy, a shepherd-husky mix, and his owner Kevin Schojan. Schojan and Buddy live on the streets. Buddy has been prescribed to Kevin as a companion animal. He also offers protection and warmth to Schojan at night, which allows for a complete night sleep. They are recognizable and welcomed fixtures to the people up and down Elmwood Street. Watson introduces us to the duo and explains how grateful they are for groups like Buffalo Companion Animal Network, a group associated with Pets of the Homeless, and dedicated to distributing pet food to the poor and homeless. Watson says that while there are good intentions behind this, and other charitable groups, there are others who question “whether it is good for the pet to be raised by someone who

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