How To Cage Train a Puppy

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How To Cage Train A Puppy Is cage training a puppy easy? For some people it can be; however all puppies are not the same. I got lucky when I brought my puppy home. I think cage training is one of the best ways to potty train a puppy. Here is how I did it. First, I found my puppy which was easy because my mother's dog just had puppies. My husband and I went and picked out the puppy we liked the best. We had to wait of course because puppies have to be at least 8 weeks old before anybody can take them home. Second, we had to buy some things for the puppy before we brought him home. We purchased toys, puppy food, treats, and a cage. After we got everything we needed for the puppy then we had to get everything set up so he would be comfortable when he came home.. Third, it's time to bring puppy home and start the process. Start by letting the puppy get a feel for his new home and yes that means some accidents will happen. All someone has to do at this point is watch and figure out how long in between accidents so someone can let him outside to do his business. The puppy will learn in time. Next, introduce the puppy to his new bed. Put a treat in the cage to show him it's a safe place to be. Someone once told me that “A good dog will never potty where he sleeps” and I have found that to be true so far. To cage train a puppy the owners have to be consistent, by that I mean even if the puppy is crying in the middle of the night, get up and let him outside, he is trying to let someone know he has to go potty. Stay on it through out the day, let the puppy outside as much as anyone can. While at home leave the cage door open so the puppy knows he is free to go as he please. Meanwhile, through out the day take the puppy outside not just to potty but to play. Take some of his toys outside, that way if he doesn't have to potty he can play, and if a person does this

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