Bunny and Puppy Story

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Anita/12.80.0051 BUNNY AND PUPPY In a small village that there are a lot of vegetables, there lived a bunny and a puppy. The bunny is a female and the puppy is a male. They live in separate places. The bunny lives in a burrow in the ground while the puppy lives in a small house under the tree. It is one meter from the bunny’s. In this village, there are no other animals unless they both. Although they are different, the one is a rabbit and another is a dog, their appearance is almost the same. They both have a short tail, two eyes, and four-legged. What are the differences from them? bunny has a pink nose, white feathers, and pointed ears, but ppuppy has brown feathers, a black nose and short ears. Their characteristics are also different. Puppy is a smart animal, and bunny is kind and she is easily deceived. Although they are different types of animals, they always play together and they shared their food. Because in their place there are a lot of vegetables, so they ate vegetables. For example, they ate carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, and other vegetables. One day, the bunny’s carrot is run out, so she asks it to puppy. “Puppy, my carrot is run out. Can you give me a carrot? I need it to make a soup,” asks bunny. At this time, puppy doesn’t want to give a carrot directly as usual, but he wants to work on bunny. He thinks it would be a funny thing. “I usually give my food directly to her, but this time I want to work on her. He... he... he ....” puppy says to himself. “Ok, I’ll give you a carrot,” says puppy. Suddenly, puppy steps the bunny’s tail. “Aw,” bunny screams. “Oh, I’m sorry, your tail has disappeared. Look at your back, you will not see your tail again,” says puppy. Bunny looks at back and she doesn’t see her tail. She believes that her tail has disappeared. As we know that the bunny’s tail is short, so if she looks at her tail she will not see it.
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