Do Not Buy Puppies from Pet Stores

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Do Not Buy Puppies from Pet Stores Part I: Thesis Puppies are highly demanded domestic pets, especially, during the holiday seasons. Due to the high demand most pet stores get their puppies from brokers rather than the actual breeder. Some brokers get their puppies from puppy mills. According to, “At puppy mills, dogs are bred for quantity, not quality, so unmonitored genetic defects and personality disorder that are passed from generation to generation are common”. Since the broker is acting as the middle person, it is difficult to find out whether the puppies come from these puppy mills or not. Some pet stores will lie about a lot of things in order for them to make a higher profit. And once the purchase is made there is no return, therefore, creating a lot of abandoned puppies. Since puppies are often falsely advertised in pet stores, and after a personal experience, I believe that if you want a dog you should get the dog from the humane society or from the breeder themselves, I highly do not recommend buying pets from pet stores at all. Instead of purchasing pets from pet stores there are several alternatives options to getting a pet such as going to the animal adoption shelter or directly researching and contacting the breeder rather than going through a middle person. Part II: Anti-Thesis Mostly people buy pet from the pet store is because they are convenience and get all the supplies with the puppy all at once. Usually the pets from the pet store came from reputable breeder. So, people can save some times by not having to do as much research. One of the pet shop owners, Andrea Bertero, states “People think you can stop a puppy mill by taking it out on a pet store, but you can't," (Stuenkel). Walking in to a pet store allows a person more variety to choose from. One can find more different type of breeds at the store whereas a

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