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Sharmis Mollaie Professor – Erika Hendra EN 110 OJ 16 October 2012 Laugh & Learn Dance & Play Puppy I don’t like Ad’s. There are so many out there. They are out there to get your money. They lure children to get their parents to spend more money. There is one Ad I do like. Fisher – Price has a Laugh & Learn Dance & Play Puppy. It shows a toddler playing with this stuffed puppy. This stuffed puppy can sing, dance, and wiggle along to learn ABC’s, 123’s & more. Puppy blows kisses & says, “I love you!” Plus there are 25 + songs, phrases & games. I feel will be effective motivating parents to purchase it to help their toddler or loved one play & learn. This ad displays vivid colors in the stuffed puppy to draw the attention to a toddler. The white back ground draws the attention to focus on the toddler and stuffed puppy. The toddler in the ad appears to be happy playing with the stuffed puppy. The stuffed puppy was created with a smile on its face. The colors chosen for the ad are soft and inviting to the eyes. The toddler and the Laugh & Learn Dance & Play Puppy are the largest in this display. The lighting helps the ad focus on families with children to help them have fun as they learn. My sister had triplets a little over a month ago and after seeing this ad, I want to go and purchase it for my three nieces. This toddler has a beautiful smile as she is pressing the paw of the stuffed puppy. Giving the impression she’s having fun. It helps parents visualize their own toddler having fun as they learn. The joy and happiness spills out of the ad looking at this toddler. I myself can visualize my three nieces when they are older playing this with stuffed puppy. A similar stuffed puppy was purchased for my son when he was six months old. I have noticed this stuffed puppy has more learning options. This

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