How Cartoons Affect Children's Development Essay

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Breka Drajic Human growth and development How Cartoons affect Children’s Development Children now these days start watching TV at a very young age. Before TV’s where so common in a house, children were not use to watching cartoons and watching them for hours in a day like we see many children do today. Most parents see cartoons as way to help their child learn. I have watched five different children’s programs, Dora the Explorer, Yo Gabba Gabba, Blue’s Clues, Barney and Team Umizoomi. Most of these programs are very similar and there is some differences between the programs as well. Some similarities in these programs are talking to the children, asking the children for advice on solving the problem, having the kids get up and move, and objects appear like magic. Some differences in these programs are Blue’s Clues, Barney and Yo Gabba Gabba all have a real person throughout the show, and Dora the Explorer and Team Umizoomi are animated the whole time. These programs encourage physical development by having kids move around, and also learning how to become more coordinated. When children begin to learn from the programs they watch, by taking what they watched and using it in their daily life. For an example, on Yo Gabba Gabba the characters sing songs about friendship and manners. This is teaching children how to make friends and how to be polite. Cognitive development is encouraged when Steve; from Blue’s Clues draws clues from Blue’s paw print. This is teaching children how to be creative. Another example of Cognitive development is on Dora the Explorer when Dora and Boots have to think of a way to get to their destination to solve their problem. This gets the child to think and learn about the reasoning for how problems should be solved. Psychosocial development occurs when children have a pattern of motion, personality, and social relationships. An
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