Cache L2 Unit 2 the Developing Child

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Unit 2 Assignment D1) Describe the expected stage of social development of children aged 4 years Most children at this age feel more settled. They grow in confidence as they are able to make friends and play with other children. They show social skills, for example turn-taking, sharing and concern for others. Strong emotions are still felt and quarrels and temper tantrums may appear at times. During this year most children will be affectionate towards their family, friends and carers and they also want to play with children but mostly pretend play. They are eager to help and please primary carers and other familiar adults. D2) Describe the expected stage of social development for children aged 5 years Most children at this age feel confident and can begin to articulate themselves a lot more in terms of their achievements, e.g. ‘I’m star of the week’ or ‘watch me climb this’. They may also start to use words and actions in mock of other people. Playing with children is still exceedingly important at this stage and some children embark on to make close friendships. Also at this time, children start to play with members of the same gender, which may link to their understanding of masculinity and femininity roles. D3) Describe ONE (1) suitable method of observing and recording the social development of children aged 5 years A suitable method of observing would be using a checklist. This method needs a little preparation so a prepared checklist would be necessary. A checklist is where you choose an area of development and write a few examples (milestones) then tick what they can and can’t do. D4) Explain ONE (1) advantage and ONE (1) disadvantage of this method of observing children One advantage of this method would be that you could make lots of copies of this and use it on a different child in the same area. This would save a lot of time and it’d
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