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The book uses a selection of printed numbers and pictures to represent different numbers. I enjoyed how the pages were cut in half; the top half being printed numbers and the second half being colourful fruits. I chose this book as I love that it encourages the children to join in and teaches them how to correspond printed numbers with objects, it also provides children with a fun activity. The illustrations are brightly coloured and bold to entice the children and I can appreciate that there are many activities that can extend the main focus of this book; therefore it is a practical book to use within settings. The only main implications I have with this book is the format; you have to flip between the pages to match the numbers up with. I feel as if this can be very distracting for the children as it does not allow the children to see the numbers represented by objects as well as printed numbers at the same time. This book is suitable for babies and young toddlers. One, two, buckle my shoe also teaches children about numbers. It is a very simple story book about two characters names Rabbit and Hen. The first half of the story shows Rabbit getting ready, on her journey and how she meets her friend, Hen. The second half of the story is both Rabbit and Hen together, helping each other out in preparation for the party that happens at the end. Unlike the first number book One, two, buckle my shoe has a rhyming pattern to it. Perkins believes that by putting text into rhythm children are immediately becoming familiar with language (2008) and I believe that this makes it more fun for the children as they are able to join in and will remember how to count to twenty by remembering a simple rhyme. However, I feel that the first number book is more beneficial to a child’s development as they are made to recognise numbers and match them to a picture rather than remember a simple pattern. Words means

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