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Personal statement I am currently a student at Trinity C of E High School. I am studying 7 subjects both GCSE and BTEC. I feel that I am doing well in Graphic’s, physical education Diploma, Digital media and Maths. If I try, work hard and I revise well I will be able to do really well in my exams and my BTEC assignment. I am really interested in studying Graphics when I go on to do A-levels because I am really confident in creative things as I am a spatial learner. Also when I was 13 years old I was asked to create logos and posters for events and leaflets so I pursued this and started my own business on Photoshop. I am also very interested in BTEC physical education Diploma because I am an active person and enjoy taking part in many sports and learning how I can improve in it. I don’t have many hobbies but in my free time I tend to have an active lifestyle for example I go to…show more content…
I try hard to come into school because year 11 is a really important year for me. In general I am a confident person. I feel it is really important to be confident as it can help you as you grow up. I try and come across as a helpful and well mannered student. I like finishing tasks after I start them because it helps me become more motivated. I can work well on my own and in a group. I like to speak my point of view a lot and I like to put forward my opinions and I think this is a good quality because it helps strengthen my beliefs. I am really good at remembering things for example I am fluent in 2 different languages. My work experience was very successful. I worked in youth centre as a youth worker assistant to young people in rough areas. I also searched different health issues that teenagers can help prevent from themselves. I am happy with my mock results and my end of year results for RE and Digital Media. There are many different responsibilities that I do both in and out of school. I am also Sports Captain for the boys of my
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