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Activity Plan for Literacy (P1) Identify the type of setting and age of the pupils • Age of children: 5-6 years • Primary School: Year 1 • Amount of children: 4 (P2) Describe the activity Word Bingo • Each child will be given a Bingo base card which has six individual words in boxes. • Small flash cards will be placed in the middle of the table containing the individual words, faced down so that the words cannot be seen. • I will ask each child to take it in turn to select a flash card. • The child selecting the flash card is asked to sound out and pronounce the word to the rest of the children in order for them to check their bingo base cards for a match. • The child which has the…show more content…
Using a game as a resource for children’s learning allowed the learning objectives to be met in an informal and enjoyable way. The children felt a sense of achievement due to the fact that they were able to sound the words even though they may have originally appeared difficult for them. I was able to support the children at times when needed. There was great excitement when a child found one of the words on their base card. However, I needed to reinforce turn taking and the rules of the game at times. I explained that everyone would have a turn and that all the children would have a turn in placing a flash card on their own base card. The game continued until all the flash cards had been called and each child had a chance to say Bingo! Even though the game had finished the children were still engaged and showed enthusiasm in the game therefore I extended the activity by asking the children to use the words on their base card to make sentences. Some of the children were able to write their sentences, whilst others verbally put the words together and I…show more content…
and Jones H. (2002) p249 write specifically about children who have English as an additional language. They state that: “Children who speak English as a second language may need more encouragement and support when undertaking writing activities. Assistants and teachers should be aware that they make lack confidence and need to have more time to think about the task” Pupil B: This child found it difficult to understand the rules of the game, thus needing lots of reinforcement and explanation in order to support him. In order to make ‘Pupil B’ feel part of the group I asked the whole group to participate in recalling the rules of the game and break down each step. I also suggested to the class teacher that in future activities there may be pictorial instructions to help and support children understand the rules of the game. This child was able to create a sentence verbally and recall this to the adult who then scribed it. He also showed excitement using facial expressions when his sentence was read back to him. Pupil C: This child found difficulty in sounding out the letters; however he showed determination throughout the game and was able to match all words from the flash cards to his base card. Even though he was the last child to find all words on his base card this did not faze him and he persevered until the end. This child wrote three sentences down on his white

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