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Professor Kamerman ENG 301 28 June 2009 Accelerated Reader Program: Benefit or Detriment Reading is vital to literacy; knowing how to read is necessary and assures success in most fields of work. Reading helps with writing as well; a person who reads more than they play games or watch television will find it much easier to come up with the words necessary to express their thoughts and ideas in writing. Teaching children to read is the beginning to providing them with the tools they need for a successful life, academically and in their careers. The purpose here is to explore the Accelerated Reader/Reading Renaissance (AR/RR) program and discuss whether it truly is beneficial to students by providing them with the opportunity to progress…show more content…
However, this study also details no control groups to compare their results with, and much of the data applied were from schools that agreed to participate by mailing in their data from the AR program. This leaves the results less than perfect, as there is no way to tell how the schools implemented the program, and there are no comparison groups to determine if the results were from the AR program or because of the curriculum and teaching methods employed in conjunction with the program. The Estancia Municipal School District increased the amount of time devoted to the reading/language arts program this past year from ninety minutes to three hours. This was mainly due to the results on standardized testing scores from previous years where less time was devoted to reading (Smythe, Personal Interview). This could be why the educators at Estancia Schools feel strongly that AR/RR is the best program to implement in assisting their students with increasing their reading ability and comprehension. AR/RR provides ways to assist teachers in increasing the amount of reading time for

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