Ownership of Cats vs. Dogs

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Ownership of Cats vs. Dogs Ownership of Cats vs. Dogs Lots of people have a family pet. Some households, however, have chosen to have more than one. If you think things can get interesting when you are a one pet owner, try adding another one, especially when one is a dog and the other’s a cat! Pet owners must consider the upkeep on being a pet owner, their health, the cost of their food and how and where they will be going to the bathroom. I have owned both in my life time and presently have one of each. I adopted my dog four years ago, from my local humane shelter. My father’s dog had passed and I went to the shelter to get him another one. That is where I got Eddie, a Beagle-Jack Russell mix. That evening I took Eddie over to dad, but they had already gotten another dog that day, so, Eddie became my dog. We could not ask for a better dog/friend. A year later, a friend gave me Thomas, my cat. Thomas is a fat cat, he weighs close to 40 pounds. It was an adjustment at first for Eddie, my dog, to accept Thomas the cat. As time went along, they learned to tolerate each other. Since they are both older animals, they sleep a lot. There are approximately 78.2 million owned dogs in the U.S. and there are approximately 86.4 million owned cats in the U.S. (APPA, 2011-2012). When you become a pet owner, there are a lot of things to consider. The animal’s health plays a big part in their lives as well as yours. Every animal needs its annual shots from rabies to tetanus to diphtheria. The office charge yearly compared to any other illness your animal may have can add up. They need their nails clipped at least once a month. I take my dog to get his done professionally but my cat will let me do his myself. Pets need to be bathed often, we give our dog a bath atleast once a week. There is no need to

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