Cats Versus Dogs

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Autumn Beaulieu 11/12/14 Eric Pelkey ENG 111 A Better Pet Would you rather have a cat or dog? If I were you, I would prefer cats because cats are better than dogs. Training a dog which takes time is hard work on the other hand put a litter box in front of a cat and boom there she goes and training the cat is done. Either way from my point of view, I would want a cat. I have had both a cat and dog in the past. Dogs need a lot more care and attention.Cats hardly need anything at all. For a cat, the only things you really need to have are a litter box, Food, dishes,water,litter, and a litter box. Cats can have the run of your house and be indoor cats or you can have them be an outdoor cat. Show the cat a litter box and she or he is trained its that easy. When they are outside cats, someone should let them in and out when they want to go in or out of house. When they are inside cats, clean their litter boxes at least every other day, freshwater and food daily. If you do not clean the litter box, often it gets very smelly and gross and if anyone has a weak stomach this job is not for you. Cats do not eat very much. All you have to do is fill up their food and water it should last them all day. If someone needs to go on a little vacation cats do not need a babysitter. Especially if they are an indoor cats make sure someone is around to feed and water them. From my experience, all I give my cat is food and water it lasted about a day and a half. Cats are very easy to take care of. Cats need very little attention unlike dogs. Cats will take care of themselves and do a very good job at it. Cats will bath themselves when they need to be bathed. Cats are very laid-back and most are not hyperactive as dogs are. Cats can range in a variety of sizes but nothing to enormous and do not get very tall, but they might get a little heavy if they eat too much food.

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