Cats Are Very Inteligent

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OUTLINE FOR INFORMATIVE SPEECH TOPIC: CATS A) INTRODUCTION ATTENTION-GETTING OPENER Sleeping together, playing together, and eating together. All of my activities I’m doing with my loves one. It is a cat that I called Chik. I love cats very much. Cats are a part of my life. I have been a cat owner for fifteen years. I have hand raised and trained my cats since they were kittens. But not everyone loves that animal. Most people at one point in his or her life will probably have the opportunity to see and interact with a cat. PREVIEW In my speech, I am going to share three areas of interesting thing about cats : 1) Cats are very intelligent animals. 2) Cats give off tail signals. 3) Cats are territorial animals TRANSATION 1: Now that I have you thinking about cats, let me tell you about their intelligence. B) BODY 1) Cats are very intelligent animals a) Cats are capable of forming attachments to people and communicating their wants and needs. b) Cats are capable of instinctual thought. c) cats have no capacity for object permanence TRANSACTION 2: Next, lets talk about their tail signals. 2) Cats give off different tail signals indicating their mood. a) If a cat’s tail is raised slightly and softly curved the cat is interested in something. b) A tail that sways slowly from side to side usually means your cat is focused on an object. c) A tail positioned straight down can signal aggression TRANSATION 3: Finally, I would like to talk about their territorial behaviors. 3) Cats are territorial animals. a) A cat's territorial nature is very much a reflection of its social behavior. b) Pet cats that are permitted to roam freely outdoors rarely spend much time with other cats. c) cats prefer to share their territory, indoors or out, with few or no other cats. TRANSATION 4: Lastly, let me wrap up my speech C) CONCLUSION

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