Why Cats Makes Better Pets

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Why Cats Makes Better Pets than Dogs –Sean Curtis The competition between the cat and dog to win the best pet award isn’t anything new and has been around for quite some time. Cats and dogs are undoubtedly one of the most famous animals that people all over chose to pet; the reason being that these animals can relate best to human emotions and needs in comparison to snakes or hamsters. In the article, “Why Cats Makes Better Pets than Dogs,” by Sean Curtis, Curtis tries to justify why he thinks cats make better pets than dogs. His views though are agreeable to some extent. Curtis’ basic argument can be summarized as follows: 1. Dogs are loyal, loving and always there for you. 2. Having a dog is similar to having a child for, a dog needs constant walking, constant attention, which attributes towards a drastic change in the person’s way of life. 3. His cat doesn’t hide from people or constantly want to be left alone. 4. When people come over his cat runs to the front door…show more content…
Red herring is an example of fallacies of relevance where the arguer tries to distract the attention of the audience by raising an irrelevant issue. The issue of the need to wake up in part of the owner before the rooster wakes up is completely irrelevant and is not an appropriate example either. The comparison being made here is perhaps a little over exaggerated and unrelated. Curtis offers a number of arguments to prove that cats are better pets than dogs. Some of them I do agree with like his claim that having a dog is like having a child. A dog does require attention and needs to be taken care of, but personal experience tells me that the extra effort that one needs to put to pet a dog in comparison to cat is paid off well for dogs are more warm and friendly and unlike cats less

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