Dogs Vs. Cats

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Many people these days think that cats are more sophisticated than dogs. However I believe that dogs are the pets to have for several reasons. Dogs can protect your family, are loyal, and are extremely social. Let us take a closer view at this position. First of all, a dog can protect families in many ways. For example if a young child is playing in the yard alone the dogs may keep a close eye on the kid. Also in the night if there is a fire or someone tries to break in a dog will most likely sense it immediately and loudly bark; and even if a cat senses it’s not like they can meow loud enough to alert you. Also if you have a mole problem a dog will gladly catch it. In addition, dogs are very loyal to their families. If a child is in danger a dog may even put its own life in jeopardy, on the other hand cats would try to save itself. Plus you can teach a dog to play fetch, come when you call it, and maybe even to shake your hand. I don’t see cats doing that. Lastly, dogs are pretty much one of the most social animals of all. They greet you when you comeback from a long day. And mostly all dogs will kindly greet visitors in many various forms. Dogs are very energetic animals so they make wonderful jogging companions. And many dogs love outdoor activities. Plus there great with children for example if baby pulls its tail it won’t attack the child but a cat may. In conclusion these several reasons have proved why dogs overall are the better

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