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‘Of Mice and Men’ has many different relationships mentioned, and many different types. There is the marriage of Curly and his wife, as well as the relationship between the men on the ranch. The time the novel is set in has an impact on the relationship as well since
Friendship is a strong issue in the novel, and a lack of it. Even Slim finds it "funny how you an' 'im string along together" talking about George and Lennie. The boss thinks George must be "takin' his pay" (Lennie's) because he "never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy".
The very first section of Of Mice and Men is devoted to Lennie and George, in which both their characters are created. They are almost opposites, with George's "sharp, defined" features and Lennie's "shapeless face".
The relationship between the two is created from the moment we see Lennie, as he rushes for the water, lapping it up "like a horse". He has no understanding over the situation, and drinks just because he's thirsty. George quickly chastises him, explaining how the water could be "bad" and make Lennie "sick ". This shows that George cares for Lennie, as he is worried about him getting sick. As we've already seen, George tries to take care of Lennie. In their relationship, George is in control like a parent, while Lennie is just like a little kid. We see many examples of this throughout the novel, and just one example is, "like a terrier who doesn't want to bring a ball to its master". Another simile compares Lennie to an animal, though this one shows him as something small, and though unwilling, unable to do anything about it. At the same time, it calls George the "master".
Candy and his dog is another key instant where the lack of friendship is shown. Their relationship mirrors George and Lennie's in many respects, such as Candy's had the dog "from a pup". Candy gets companionship just from having the dog

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