Companion Dogs Improve Human Health

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Tiffany William Professor Woodard English& 102 14 May 2012 How Do Companion Dogs Improve Our Health? My friend, Gabby, lives with her mother. Her parents got divorced, her father kicked them out, so Gabby and her mother had to move to another city. Her mother was always busy working which left Gabby alone at home. She had forever been lonely until her mother got her a dog. “I knew that companion dogs love you, but I believed that it would not be the same; dogs are not parents. But as time goes by, I realize that Benji loves me unconditionally and it is enough,” Gabby told me. Most people say that dogs are man’s best friends. Dogs make great companions; they are loyal, loving, and friendly family pets. The domesticity of dogs has long started since the Egyptian civilization. Anubis, the God associated with resurrection, had a head of a dog. That is why the Egyptians see dogs as gods – they worship and praise them. The Egyptians also keep them as pets and give them ample of love. Through the friendship we have shared with our dogs, Anubis has blessed us with a long life and happiness in the afterlife (Coren 29). My family and I have three dogs. To me, Dragon, Pepper, and Chi are not only great companions, they are also healers for our ill health. As I began conducting this research, whether or not companion dogs affect our health, I was astounded by the research studies I have found: it is not a myth that companion dogs affect and improve our health. Although dogs do not affect all stages of people’s lives, they can strongly affect our short and long term physical health by being detectors of disease and preventers of illness and affect our psychological health by making us more relaxed, more social, happier and less lonely, and less depressed when they are around. Most dog owners do not need reminding; they know that their dogs make them feel happy when

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