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A lot of young people like pit-bulls because of protection, but some use this animal in another nature. Young adults may use this dog to fight other dogs or to make their money illegally. Pit-bulls have a cross breed which includes bulldogs and a variety of terriers. Pit-bulls were introduced in the 19th century, and there cross breed made them come popular over the years up until now. Some people label a pit-bull to be the most dangerous and violent dog there is to be, but others think pit-bulls are one of the best guard dogs there is. As you know people fight pit-bulls illegally all the time, but what some may not know if you get caught it’s a felon. Pit-bulls value is breathe taking, this dog can run up to as much as $5000. There is different kind of bloodlines, as an example you have the bloodline gotti, red nose, blue nose, and etc. They may be one of the most vicious dogs, but they are worth having in your company when being attacked. People tend to look at the negative side of pit-bulls,…show more content…
The age range of having this dog is about 15 and up. People say the reason of having this dog is for protection. Many say they are against dog fighting but it’s still quite much saying they like it. From surveying this a lot of people showing Pit-bulls are one of the most popular dogs they are. These are the percentages a got for the survey I’ve passed around: Breed of dogs: Ethincity: Gender: People with Pit-bulls: Yorkie: 4% Black: 76% Male: 77% Yes: 91% Pit-bull: 33% White: 14% Female: 33% No:9% Chihuahua: 7% Hispanic: 5% Mixed: 33% Mixed: 5% Beagle:4% Rottwieller:4% Bishon: 4% Poodle: 4% German Sheppherd: 7% Status symbol behind owning a Pit-bull: Education: Yes: 52% 9th: 16% No: 48% 10th: 21% 11th: 26% 12th: 26% College: 11% Age: 14: 5% 15: 10% 16: 24% 17: 27% 18: 24% 40:

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