King Shepherd Research Paper

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(586) 412-1585 PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE Our dogs are raised with love in our home. From the time they are whelped there is constant human interaction. We have learned that this acclimates them for the outside world, and provides the basis for sound temperament. We are very careful about where our puppies are placed, and ask that you complete this questionnaire form. As with any dog, owning a King Shepherd is a tremendous, long-term responsibility and commitment, not a purchase to be made on impulse. Please research and be sure the American King Shepherd is the breed for you. This form, along with a completed puppy request form must be submitted along with a $300.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.…show more content…
If yes, what are their ages? Are both parents acceptable to the addition of a King Shepherd? 6) Is any family member allergic to dogs? 7) Are you interested in a show/breeding/pick prospect puppy or family companion? 8) What type of training will you provide? (We recommend Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience) 9) What are your reasons for picking a King Shepherd? 10) Please describe what you believe to be your responsibility in the care and expenses associated with the upbringing of a King Shepherd. 11) Will the dog have a fenced-in yard or comparable containment play area and be provided proper exercise and grooming? 12) Since this puppy will become a “family member” who gives love and devotion to the family, are you and your family aware of the breed’s characteristics, potential size and nutritional needs? (please describe) 13) Are you willing to send us a few pictures from time to time with letters/notes telling of your puppy’s adjustment to its new home, playful antics, etc.? Please feel free to give us any additional information that will help us in placing this puppy with the right

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