How Does Jeremy Rifkin Treat Animals

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Kayla Harper English activity 6 1. Human: Person. Inhumane: Lacking pity or comparison. (Cruel and Heartless) 2. Cognitive: Of or relating to cognition; concerned with the act or process of knowing, perceiving, etc. 3. Genetically wired: The topic in question is in your genes. You have in your genes an ability, tendency, or inclination for something specific. 4. Empathy: The psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another. activity 7 1. Scientists still advance the idea that most creatures behaved by sheer instinct and that what happened to be learned behavior was a genetically wired activity. 2. Animals are smarter and more interesting…show more content…
Jeremy Rifkin’s idea is good. Jeremy Rifkin would say the same thing that we should have more respect for animals. Activity 32 1. “Animals are more like us than we imagined.” I find this so true because I have a dog and she means the world to me. She’s a very smart dog and knows exactly what I’m saying. She may not know everything but for example when I tell her to speak, she barks. 2. The information I need to support my claims is proof. I would research if there’s any solution to get people to treat their animals the way they deserve to be treated. 3. It relates to my claim an now I know that there are people that have empathy towards these animals and want to stop the abusive ways they are being treated. 4. As an opinion because others think animals don’t have emotions. 5. This would be an experimental fact if it was a fact. 6. What make this opinion credible is that people may disagree. 7. It makes the evidence persuasive by making the audience feel empathy for animals and they are smart, more like us than we imagined, by saying they have emotion. 8. I think very well because Rifkin uses scientific facts, which sound very accurate. Activity 36 1.

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