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Physical life quality factors Physical safety and hygiene Physical safety ensures that the patients in the nursing home are safe and cared for so they will not get hurt. Good hygiene makes sure that the patients will have a reduced risk of having an infection. This is very important physical life quality factor within a nursing home as some disabled patients or unable may get injured easily rather than the able patients. The nurses must make sure that some of them are looking after the disabled patients at all times. The nurses may make sure that no patients have split any coffee in the lounge as the disabled patients may slip over and hurt themselves if the liquid is not mopped up. The nurses should also have good hygiene, which means they should wash their hands after assisting a patient to the bathroom; otherwise they could spread germs to the other patients. Also if the nurses feel unwell they must not come into to work otherwise they could spread an infection to the patients and the other nurses. Physical comfort Physical comfort means being in an environment that ensures the patients are as comfortable as possible. The less able patients within a nursing home sometimes the less able patients may not be able to control their own environment, so the nurses must provide this. For example, the nurses should check that the patient’s bed sheets are clean in case they wet themselves during the night. Some of the patients may be in wheel chairs, the nurses must help the patients get out of the chair sometimes because the patients may want to go to bed, sit in the lounge etc. The nursing home must have comfortable seating areas to make the nursing home as comfortable as possible. In the bedrooms they may also have waterproof matters so that if the patients wet themselves during the night they will still be comfortable. Physical comfort is mostly one of

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