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Nassau Community College Nursing Department Nursing 105 OPERATING ROOM AND POST ANESTHESIA CARE UNIT WORKSHEET Name: Eileen Zakrzewski Date: 11/5/12 Section: NUR105 A5 Instructor: Prof. Kennedy 1. Identify five types of stressors/contributing factors and three examples of each type that patients experience during the PERIOPERATIVE period: A. Physiological - Obesity (takes longer to heal), Diabetes (delayed wound healing), Liver disease (decreased medication metabolism) B. Microbiological – Surgical wound (open portal of entry), Infection…show more content…
They kept checking the patient’s blood pressure too. At the conclusion of the second surgery, the surgeon explained to me that sometimes when an A.V. Fistula is created it does not take. He explained that the reason he creates the A.V. Fistula in the wrist is because they do usually take in this location and it reduces the risk of the patient having to go back in the hospital for more surgery. 10. Identify two ways you observed the PACU nurse act as the patient advocate A. Monitors the patient’s pain and administers appropriate medication to control patient’s pain B. Retains the patient in the PACU while monitoring the vital signs, respiratory function, blood pressure and level of consciousness to decrease the risk for injury 11. Identify and list the criteria used to determine the patient’s length of stay in the PACU - Mental status – awake and oriented - Able to maintain a clear airway - Deep breathing and coughing freely - VS are stable and consistent with preoperative vital signs for at least 30 minutes - Gag reflexes and swallowing are active - Able to move all

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