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Care for children Task 1: 1. Describe the environment you would provide for rest time: The environment I would provide for rest time would be in a well-ventilated room as closed stuffy rooms increase the risk of cross infection and impair health. Curtains should be drawn – a darkened room is more relaxing, however don’t have the room too dark as young children may then become fearful. I will also play soft relaxing music to settle the children and to keep the atmosphere quiet and peaceful. I will ensure that all children are provided with clean and comfortable bedding and appropriate linen for the season – sheets in summer, blankets in winter. The rest room will also be decorated in vibrant, warm and welcoming colours, the walls filled with different paintings and posters. The overall environment for the rest room shall provide the children with nurturing and supportive care. 2. How would you settle each child to rest/sleep? To settle the children for rest/sleep time I would let the children individually involve themselves in a quiet activity e.g. puzzles, drawing or reading and looking at books. The atmosphere should be calm and quiet as the children are getting ready for sleep time, the quiet activities also should be away from the already sleeping children as each child are an individual and sleep at different times. Throughout the quiet time I will read books to the children and then prepare the children for sleep time. Danjiat has become lethargic and quiet therefore I get her prepare for sleep time by providing her with the correct clothing for sleeping, settle her down by letting her lay down and look at a book however feta said he isn’t tired so I then would let him enjoy a quiet activity to settle feta down and at least rest if he isn’t having a sleep. I will also have a tucking in routine as a ‘tucking in’ routine adds a homely and unhurried

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