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HCCN302A - Assessment 1 (off the job) (LA009126) Task 1: Provide opportunities for rest 1) A well ventilated, dimmed room with a designated sleeping area for Chelsea to have a nap. I would have an area ( well enough away from Chelsea that we dont disturb her though close enough to have her in my immediate view) set up for rest and/or quiet play with books, puzzles, drawing etc for Alyssa. 2) No, the routine would not be the same for the 2 girls. Chelsea is visibly showing signs of becoming tired whereas Alyssa is stating she isnt feeling tired at all. Alyssa would still need to be provided with a rest area though as this may change through quiet time. 3) I would make sure to speak to her in a soft tone with patience. I would allow her the opportunity to have some time to herself as she slowly wakes up in her own time or offer her cuddles, stories, songs or anything she finds soothing for this process. 4) I would ensure to remove any choking hazards like bibs, scarfs or anything around their neck. Remove their shoes (also socks in 0-24mths) and also make sure their dressed appropriately avoiding overheating - removing any coats or jackets if necessary. Task 2: Hygiene practices 1) I believe their home environment influences their thoughts the most. Some parents may be very encouraging, others not at all, some have siblings who they copy brushing others siblings who sneak of it. 2) The children who are being encouraged and supervised at home while brushing their teeth themselves. They would be getting instruction on brushing technique, encouragement and practice. 3) I would organise a game/rhyme/story on oral hygiene to kickstart discussion. I would then tell the kids that I had brushed my teeth twice since I saw them yesterday, once before bed and again in the morning! I would then proceed to ask the children if any of them had done the same.

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