New England Arts Project

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1.0 Introduction 1.1 Overview of Case Study An organisation of the New England Arts Project Headquarters located above an Italian restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Particular organisation had a project which operation by five full-time employees. During peak time such as before Christmas, it hired as many as six part-time workers to run their operation for typing, addressing envelopes, and send out mailings. Martin Welk as an office coordinator who was the lowest position in the project hierarchy suggested that everyone should get a computer due to his daily pressures and boredom of routine works. Unfortunately, his believe was not supported by the others in the office. On the same time, Suzanne Clammer who was the executive director and also head of the office agree between both sides of view. She explained that she prefer the traditional ways to operate her organization which brought reorganization to their customers; unfortunately office automation was inevitable due to today’s competitive worlds. 1.2 Issues in the case Based on the case study, we found that a few issues occurred in the organisation. The first issue is conflict among the employees due to the organisation change. Since everyone has their own perspective toward a statement; so suggestion of Martin Welk leads some conflict due to the different opinions. Second issue is some of the employees resist to change. Employees’ resistance to change because they worry the changes may bring failure to them that may affect their status and job security. Third issue is lack of communication among employees. When Martin Welk suggested that everyone should get a computer but he did not explain what is the purpose and the benefits brought to the organisation. This may lead misunderstanding that his suggestion is for his own interest. 2.0 Relevant Theories 2.1 Organisation Change Organisation

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