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1.1 Identify causes of conflict at work (12) According to a study by Bell and Hart in 2000 and 2002, there are 8 causes of conflict. Conflicting resources, conflicting styles, expectations, goals, pressures and roles, different personal values, and unpredictable policies. Poor management can cause conflict in the workplace. If the team don’t know the boundaries and goals, or if they are unclear of what job they are supposed to be doing, they will start to clash. I think this was the case in my workplace, due to naivety and lack of confidence. My deputy manager had very differing styles of work, so this caused a lot of conflict between ourselves, then amongst the team. She was very loud and blunt, to the point of being slightly aggressive and overbearing. I am much quieter, calmer, and more tolerant. Different personalities is a big factor in workplace conflict. All workers come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences. Not understanding, and having little tolerance for the differences from your own personality will cause conflict. In the petrol station I work in we have a few Muslim staff. They have had a very different upbringing to all of us, and their values and beliefs are very different to our own. This has caused many conflicts, particularly with the male Muslims taking instructions from younger female staff. My line manager and I have tried to educate when issues arise, having working with Muslims for many years, and asking them questions, we understand more of their values, and reinforcing a zero tolerance for any discrimination due to their beliefs. Members of staff that are lazy or regularly flout the rules are another factor for workplace conflict. If a member of staff is regularly late to work when others are always on time, or a member of staff uses their mobile phone when it is banned, this will cause conflict. We have a

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