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CASE 6: COUNTRYSIDE ENVIORNMENTAL SERVICES The case “Countryside Environmental Services” focuses on the affect an employee’s unpleasant behavior has on the team and organization on the whole. Gwen not being satisfied with her supervisor John, salary structure, family etc. subjects to incivility the very first day of her meeting with a new entrant, Vincent. Despite of such behaviors the company owner and manager John was not successful in managing her. Though John had sympathy for the family pressures she was facing, but her unpleasant behavior was affecting the efficiency of the entire team and the organization. On the other hand, Andy another employee with CES and a team member for the waste management committee, made it worse by creating negativity in the mind of Vincent on the very first day of his office. Vincent resigned his earlier job because of the internal politics and did not want the same issues again. Vincent tough tried in altering Gwen’s job description but knew she won’t be satisfied with that too. John’s inability to anticipate issues and take up steps to resolve the conflict arising due to the Vincent’s presence is harming the output of the organization. Not only the specific projects, Gwen’s behavior and John’s is leading to voluntary exists of other employees. Symptoms of the problem: • Gwen’s Incivility towards Vincent • John’s failure to address Gwen for her misbehavior • Voluntary exists of employees • Partial behavior towards Gwen by allowing her to print Visiting cards not as per her job description. • Gwen’s Bossy Attitude towards employees Case Analysis and Solutions The above case deals with the effect of counterproductive behavior of Gwen, and lack of management qualities in John, which further led to a situation of role ambiguity in the organization. Gwen had been contributing towards the

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