Analyse a Strategic National or Local Policy That Has a Positive Impact on Outcomes and Life Chances and Young People.

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1.3 analyse a strategic national or local policy that has a positive impact on outcomes and life chances and young people. Howdon Children's Centre aims to achieve better outcomes for children through, early education integrated with Childcare and creche, family support, outreach, and child & family health services and adult training and employment support. The Centre is scrutinised by an Advisory Board made up of local parents and partner agencies. The Early Life Support team with an emphasis on delivering prevention services, provide a wide range of services to children aged 0-5 and their families. Parenting courses available include: Freedom Programme, Triple P, Speak Easy, Babyology, Mellow Parenting and Parenting Workshops. Outreach and family support is available to families requesting the service both in the home and at the Centre. Parents and Early Life Support Officers engage in a mutual exploration of goals and outcomes with a solution focussed approach. The Supporting Families Team with an emphasis on delivering intervention services work with families where additional support has been identified as being beneficial to those families. Services tend to be bespoke, meeting the individual family need. In addition to these services the following is also delivered from the Centre - Parentcraft, ante-natal and post-natal support, nurture groups, attachment and bonding support and breast feeding support, a variety of training courses for parents through the Adult Learning Alliance and other partners. Courses range from computer courses to learning to speak English and learning basic maths and English, the courses are provided in direct response to local need. The Childcare team works closely with speech and language therapists in order to promote early and effective identification and intervention of language development in children. The Centre has a cafe
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