Les Murray's Essay: An Analysis Of 'The Sleep Out'

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The Sleep out The poem “the sleep out” by Les Murray speaks about the uniqueness of childhood. Here The poet tries to tell us how as a child your imagination can be endless but as you are growing up the creativity starts to become less and less relevant. And the fact that the significance of childhood is lost from one’s life makes the poet mourn for childhood as he writes the poem. The title of the poem plays a major role in interpreting and understanding the poem and the title “the sleep out” which a is new term introduced by the poet indicates that there is something or someone sleeping out. Here in this case the poet personifies childhood in the sentence “childhood sleeps in a verandah room” giving it the living characteristic of sleeping…show more content…
The light has lit up the whole forest and there is track which guides the child to a” starry creek bed” which shows us that with time the iron bed mentioned in the first stanza “in an iron bed close to the wall” which is where childhood has been sleeping and it has now grown old and rusty which the poet reveals to the reader through the onomatopoeia “creek”. Now the child has reached a utopian world where like the Childs mind there are no boundaries and it is a free country. But here we find the presence of the poet’s voice and ideas taking the lead at this point of the poem. This is because as a child one’s world is very small and confined and the thought of a never- fenced country is not something she/ he would desire as she/ he has not yet seen the darker side of the world. Thus it is the poet here who wishes to see a free country where he further wishes that all animals live together and love each other. He wishes for a timeless world “dark found it, hung the daylight moon” a moon existing in daylight which shows us that there is no specific time in this

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