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Practice Essay Steven Herrick's novel 'by the river', is a coming of age story composed of poems about a young protagonist, Harry, alongside his younger brother Keith and their loving father, Mr Hodby. The novel looks at the emotions of Harry, grief, loss and isolation towards the town and him wanting to escape and see the world outside. On the other hand the setting of the novel and how the youthfulness of the characters, suggest some idealisation of their experiences. Despite his youth, Harry does not paint an idealised picture of the unnamed town in which he lives. The main protagonist, Harry is a young adolescent who lives in the country side. Harry is generally unhappy with where he lives even though he has loved ones, friends with him day by day. Harry is constantly thinking about ways he could possibly leave town, hence the poem 'Directions out', stating that he has memorised the most efficient way to "escape" to freedom, to find out what is beyond their little town. "well, you can turn left or right,/ it doesn't matter,/ because, by then/ you're miles/ and another world away/ from here.'", Harry knows the way "out" but he decides against it when Claire Honey appears in his class. Before 'light' makes an…show more content…
The bush and forests that Harry and Keith spend their time in their tree house shows the nature that exists in a country side in the late 1900's. Harry and his friends were teenagers with a child's heart, their innocence was evident when occurring difficult obstacles. They would not have technology in 19oo's, they would be playing with 'whirly-gig' and hiding under the train platform, actually playing functional games. One day Harry and Johnny stumble upon a butterfly, although Johnny has the up-front act of being the bully and is really tough he too is mesmerised by the beauty of the butterfly, that can 'fly' wherever it wants
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